The 15th ArgDiaP Conference
Classical Argumentation and Rhetoric”
25-26 October 2017, Lublin
Faculty of Philosophy,
The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

The fifteenth ArgDiaP Conference is dedicated to the subject of  argumentation and rhetoric. The  conference sessions will be conducted in Polish. As well as presentations on classical rhetoric and the theory of argumentation, we also invite research on topics related to the following themes:

  • classical forms of argumentation (logos, ethos, pathos);
  • argument structure and evaluation models;
  • problem of argumentation mistakes;
  • argument in logic and argument in rhetoric;
  • philosophical argumentation;
  • particular sciences argumentation (formal science, natural science, humanities, social science);
  • argumentation applied in contemporary discourse ;
  • dialectical sources of argumentation ;
  • rhetorical argumentation vs. eristic;
  • epistemological function and cognitive models of argumentation;
  • pragmatics of argumentative dialogues;
  • the efficiency of persuasion in argumentative communication;
  • argumentation and critical thinking;
  • juridical argumentation;
  • consensual efficiency of argumentative dialogue;
  • social and political conditioning of argumentation;
  • linguistic conditioning of argumentation;
  • rhetorical models of argumentation;
  • models of  artificial intelligence argumentation;
  • methodological aspects of argumentation research;


The event takes place in Lublin at the Faculty of Philosophy of the John Paul II Catholic University. The conference begins on the 25th of October, from 8.30 to 11.30 with the 4th edition of IGSAR: ‘Argumentation in Polish and Mathematics lessons as a way of developing integrated skills’ for primary and middle school pupils. This is followed by a panel debate session dedicated to the introduction of elements of argumentation theory and rhetoric into the school and university teaching programmes. The panel will be chaired by Michał Federowicz.

The papers from the 15th ArgDiaP will be peer-reviewed and published as a special issue of the journal Studia Semiotyczne.
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