During the 17th ARGDIAP conference Polish Debating Foundation conducted an online workshop Introduction to debating skills designed especially for participants of the event. The purpose of this session was to enhance argumentation and public speaking skills by a mix of debate education methodology and argumentation theory. The session was led by Gabriela Manista and Konrad Kiljan, board members of Polish Debating Foundation and PhD candidates at University of Warsaw. They gained experience in designing workshops by running a wide range of educational programs (in cooperation with International Debate Education Association, National Museum of Warsaw, British Council, College of Europe, National Bank of Poland et al).

Throughout the 4 hours workshop, students from Jagiellonian University participated in group and individual exercises and got constructive feedback that will allow them to be more confident as a speaker. Trainers also organized a mock debate during which participants were either present or evaluated arguments and reflected on their persuasiveness. Hoping this is the student’s start with debating, at the end of the workshop they were given all the information on how to further develop their skills.

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