Argumentation and Classical Rhetoric

Piotr Kulicki, Kamila Dębowska-Kozłowska (Eds.)

Special Issue of the journal Semiotic Studies

The Polish-language special issue of Studia Semiotyczne (Semiotic Studies) is devoted to the 15th ArgDiaP Conference “Argumentation and classical rhetoric”. The conference took place in Lublin, on 25-26 October 2017, and was part of an integral discussion on the directions of development of the Polish School of Argumentation which was initiated in Warsaw in 2013 at the 11th meeting of the ArgDiaP meetings series. The article “The Polish School of Argumentation: A manifesto” resulting from the Warsaw meeting constituted the framework for the ArgDiaP conferences held in Wroclaw in 2015 and in Lublin 2017.

Table of contents:


The issue explores the links between the research in the contemporary theory of argumentation and classical rhetoric. The unifying theme for both disciplines here is the interest in effective convincing to each others opinions in human interactions. The focus is on the description and explanation of the nature of inadequate arguments, especially the typical rhetorical devices that pervade the discourse of the organizations and institutions that the society establishes. Wrong reasons, mistaken beliefs and false claims for accepting conclusions are discussed.