Pragmatics and Dialectics of Argument
Katarzyna Budzynska, Frans H. van Eemeren, Marcin Koszowy (2014, Eds.)
Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric (De Gruyter), vol. 36(49)

Pragmatics and dialectics are two disciplines which have been amongst the first and most important partners for argument studies in the exploration of the complex realm of communication. Treating argumentation as a construct consisting of premises and conclusion allows for investigating some interesting properties of the phenomenon of reasoning, but does not capture a variety of aspects related to the usage of natural language and dialogical context in which real-life argumentation is typically embedded. This special issue explores some of the fascinating research questions which emerge when we move beyond logic into the territory of the pragmatics and dialectics of argument (the issue’s cfp).

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Table of contents

Part I: Speech Acts and Arguments

Part II: Argumentation in a Dialogue

Part III: Discussion Papers