We are happy to announce that Leo Groarke accepted the honorary life membership of ArgDiaP Association.

Leo Groarke is President and Professor of Philosophy at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. He has been teaching, studying and contributing to scholarship on informal logic and argumentation theory for more than thirty years. He has published widely on the development and evolution of informal logic as a discipline, on the relationship between different strands of argumentation theory (formal and informal logic, rhetoric, and dialectics), and on visual and other modes of argument which employ images, film, non-verbal sounds, music and other non-verbal forms of communication. He has authored and continues to maintain the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry on informal logic; is a co-author of a popular critical thinking textbook (Good Reasoning Matters!, 6th ed. Oxford University Press Canada); and is (with Christopher Tindale) an Editor-In-Chief of the book series Windsor Studies in Argumentation.

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